C# 6.0 Language Features – Static Using Statements

Welcome to C# 6.0 language features article series. As you might have heard about Visual Studio 2015 and .Net framework 4.6 announcements in various Microsoft events earlier, one of the most exciting news was the next version of C# language, which is 6.0 and new features added to it. C# has come a long way since 2002 when C# 1.0 was released along with Visual Studio. Since then with every major release of .Net framework, C# became better and better language, which has tremendously helped application developers to minimize the code complexity and focus on business functionality. With the new…

Top 10 JavaScript traps for a C# developer

If you are an experienced C# developer, coming into JavaScript world for application development, you will end up making few common mistakes. However some of the mistakes you would make are due to the basic differences between any strongly typed language [C#, Java etc.] and a dynamically typed language [JavaScript, Python etc]. Although dynamic feature was added to C# version 4.0, its initial design was based on static typing. Note, I am primarily a .Net developer and have experience of developing web applications using JavaScript, and I admit that I made these mistakes when I started learning JavaScript. I spent…

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